Firmly established as a market favourite throughout offices, factories and even Formula One™ teams, the Borg and Overström Classic water coolers offers bottle fed and point-of-use (P.O.U) options. The Classic water cooler uses technology that’s both cost-effective and great looking. Boasting a choice of water options (P.O.U or bottled), as well as floor-standing or counter-top versions, the Classic makes for a great watercooler choice.

Key Features –

  • Great looking stylish design, perfect for the office
  • Point of Use (P.O.U) or Bottle fed options
  • Simple to use and easy to maintain
  • Choice of water options including chilled, hot, ambient and direct-chill
  • Dimensions: Height: 480 – 1070mm Depth: 370 – 380mm Width: 325mm Weight: TBCKg Capacity: 12 – 18 litres per hour at 7⁰C