The Samba range has been designed to provide the most flexible of energy efficient snack machines, enabling a full range of products to be vended rather than just traditional items. Thanks to our new multi-max trays, whatever fits through the gate can now be vended giving your customers the added luxury of choice.

The Samba Top has all the features of the Samba but comes with some enticing extras.

  • Large LCD graphic display
  • Tiltable trays for better access to fill the machine
  • Patented directional LED lighting
  • Easy movability through 800mm doors and simple removal of delivery bin
  • Infra red detection system for guaranteed product delivery
  • Transmission and collection of statistics according to EVA DTS protocol
  • Rolling price display for simplified price change operations
  • Internal storage
  • Optional ‘hot’ buttons
  • Optional video screen showing promotional messages
  • Five direct selection ‘hot’ buttons
  • A softvend elevator enabling the delivery of heavy and fragile products from all shelves
  • LED light path at coin entry, product delivery and coin return
  • More powerful cooling unit for food encompassing three temperature zones
  • Optional multimax tray allows 20 per cent more product per tray than traditional spirals
  • Optional video screen showing promotional messages

Keeping it Green…

The Samba has achieved the industry-leading A+ Energy rating, exceeding the standard set by the European Vending Association (EVA). It has also been awarded the 2008 Auto Vending Innovation Award for best in ‘Machine Intelligence’.