Traditional push-button or even touch-screen panels on vending machines can be a focal point for the spread of bacteria and viruses if not properly maintained. Air Touch technology means a user can select the product they want from a distance of up to 2cm from the surface of the selection panel. In conjunction with contactless payment system, Air Touch technology means that the only thing you touch is the tasty beverage you’ve ordered.

air touch contactless drink selection

Air Touch is just a small step in helping to change the way we interact with vending machines and can be an indispensable step in reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19.

Here at Care Vending we can incorporate the patented Air Touch Technology in to touch screen Coffetek coffee machines. The innovative technology allows for products to be selected without any contact with the surface of the machine. Ideal for safety and hygiene during the purchasing process.

The new Coffetek Air Touch technology is ideal for work places, hospitality and of course medical facilities that still need to offer effective drinks solutions. For further details on how Care Vending can assist with Air Touch technology and Coffetek vending machines please call us now on 0800 0279 772.