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Contactless Vending Solutions

Traditional push-button or even the latest touch-screen panels on vending machines can be a focal point for the spread of bacteria and viruses if not properly maintained. Problems easily avoided with the latest contactless vending solutions from Care Vending.

From solutions we’re very familiar with, such as cashless payments systems, just tap your payment card and go, to those less familiar such as ‘Air Touch’ distance selection from Coffetek. The innovation doesn’t stop there with product selection and pay by app solutions on snack and hot drinks machines, or simpler proximity and foot operated vending for water coolers and hot taps. For those surfaces we simply must touch, there is the easily applied ‘SAFEtouch’ antimicrobial film.

There’s a modern contactless or virtually contactless vending solution ideal for your location from Care Vending. To discuss any of our contactless vending solutions please call us call us on 0800 0279 772.

contactless vending solutions

Air Touch, contactless payments, antimicrobial films, and mobile apps are just a small step in helping to change the way we interact with vending machines and can be an indispensable step in reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19.

Here at Care Vending we can incorporate the patented Air Touch Technology in to touch screen Coffetek coffee machines. The innovative technology allows for products to be selected without any contact with the surface of the machine. Ideal for safety and hygiene during the purchasing process.

The new Coffetek Air Touch technology is ideal for work places, hospitality and of course medical facilities that still need to offer effective drinks solutions. For further details on how Care Vending can assist with Air Touch technology and Coffetek vending machines please call us now on 0800 0279 772.

The screen will be covered with a ‘SAFEtouch’ coating to minimise the transfer of germs. Combined with a contactless payment unit, then the whole experience is minimal contact and risk.

The snack and cold drink machines (including Combination machines) from Crane come with a touch screen interface available on all machines rather than the alternative of a physical keypad. This screen will be covered in an anti-bacterial protective ‘Safe Touch’ coating to minimise the transfer of any germs.

If you combine this with a Contactless Payment Unit (compatible with Smartphones and Debit/Credit cards) then the whole experience is minimal contact and risk.

SAFEtouch Antimicrobial Film
• Available for all touch and capacitive touch-screens
• Incorporates a highly effective antimicrobial agent
• Inhibits the growth of bacteria on the touch-screen
• Delivers over 99.99% proven protection
• Guaranteed antimicrobial performance for 2 years
• Fully resistant to heavy-duty and abrasive cleaning
• High transparency level; maintains the natural aesthetic of the screen
• Apply the SAFEtouch sticker close to the screen to show it is protected with antimicrobial film

Customise your drinks straight from your smartphone – Coffee APPeal: your drink choice, in just one tap.

Coffee APPeal is a new user-friendly, free app, which allows to select and customise your drinks directly from your smartphone, without touching the coffee machine.

1. Scan the QR code on the machine with Coffee APPeal if it’s installed, or frame it with your smartphone to be linked to the Store.

2.Select and then customise your favourite drink, directly from your mobile device.

3. Taste the intense coffee flavour and enjoy a new touchless experience, in complete safety.

This App has just launched on two models of hot drink machine with more to follow including floor-standing units. Take a look at the Krea Touch here or the Kalea Plus, here.

Hydration at the wave of your hand or the press of your foot – Contactless water dispensing

ccontactless water dispensers

We’ve a wide range of water dispensing products including the latest in chilled and sparkling solutions to the must have instant hot water taps. 

Contactless solutions are available for many of these solutions, from simple foot operated water dispensing which totally minimises the requirement to touch frequently used surfaces, to infra red solutions. The latter allowing for you to place your hand up to 4cm or less away from the dispenser to activate the water supply. 

Whatever your location, hydration is of vital importance. There’s a cost effective and easily sanitised solution available from Care Vending. Call us now on 0800 0279 772 to discuss your needs.