Micro Markets

Developed primarily for secure business environments, micro markets provide a snack, food and refreshment solution without the need for manning. The micro market is stocked with a wide range of produce suitable for your workforce with payments being made via an innovative and intuitive advanced cashless self-service terminal.

Products selected for your work forces needs

Fresh fruit, foods and drinks can be displayed much like you’d see in more conventional convenience stores, offering an alternative to what can be a limiting factor in traditional vending machines. The store can be set out as desired and tailored for your workforce and the space available. Chiller cabinets for fresh foods and bottled or can drinks as well as the latest hot beverage machines providing the widest possible choice.

Is a micro market secure? Can’t people take advantage?

Your workplace is generally a safe and controlled environment. With a wider choice of products and benefits available, the onus is very much on your workforce for paying for their goods. Our managed services not only keep track of popular goods and introduce variety but also stock take the selections available. CCTV monitoring of the store in conjunction with the regular stocks check can be used to identify if there is any issue should it be required.

Chose your products and pay securely and efficiently

The carefully thought out innovative design of the check-out process is to make it as intuitive as possible. Using cashless systems also adds to the ease of use with all transactions being carried out via card or programmed fob. No scales, no annoying unidentified objects in your basket. Swipe, scan and you’re done.

Sounds like something that could be of interest to your location. Why not drop us a line or call Care Vending’s sales team to have a chat about micro markets.

Why not let Care Vending take the strain on your vending requirements. Our team of operators can fully manage your vending machines for you. This service includes regular visits to fill the machines with product, cleaning the machine and maintaining a high level hygiene to AVA standards.

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You may already have your own vending machines, or decided you want to have a DIY service with a new machine or require products that we stock for your office, school, hospital, shop or indeed any location.

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Providing vending for your location needn’t be a costly exercise. Depending on the number of people you’re looking to provide a solution for can influence the types of vending machine options you look at an of course the means by which you pay for the service.

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Our specialist vending technicians take part in extensive training on all the machines we supply and provide support for. Both in house and external training with manufacturers to AVA (Automatic Vending Association) standards ensures that rarely is there ever anything that we can’t handle quickly and efficiently.

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