The Palma B from Coffetek closed fronted can and bottle vending machine comes in a variety of widths to suit all locations and volume requirements. Can be matched perfectly to the Neo and Mistral vending machines from coffetek to complete a bank of machines. Perfect as a stand alone can or bottle vending machine the benefits are its simplicity and of course totally unbranded suiting many locations where branding may be inappropriate and indeed where the machine needs to blend with the décor of its location. It could be that you need to personalise the machine and this is also possible. Reliable and intuitively designed meaning users get a great beverage every time they use the machine.

Key Features:

  • Stylish design and attractively lit display panel. Suitable for remaining discreetly unbranded or brought in line with a corporate or location image
  • Secure – A galvanised steel body, an anti-pry door surround, steel selection buttons and a three-point door anchorage with high security lock, makes vandalism difficult
  • Easily managed with simple design for refilling and maintenance
  • Simple push button selection of products
  • Suitable for single or multi branded products
  • Dimensions: Height: 1830mm Depth: 865 – 875mm Width: 723 – 888mm Weight: 270 – 340Kg Capacity: 300 – 513 Products