Vitro offers the latest milk technology to prepare your favourite milk based drinks just the way you like them. Be prepared to enjoy consistent, quality milk-based drinks via your Vitro M – with the minimum of fuss. Vitro’s smoked glass door and touch screen user interface elegantly displays a comprehensive menu. It’s a state of the art combination that will complement any location. Vitro goes further by eliminating the risks incumbent in the use of fresh milk by flushing the dispensing system with hot water after every use. This ensures there’s no residual to cause problems, giving complete peace of mind to everyone. You don’t have to worry about the consequences of forgetting to clean the milk system. Additionally, a daily deep clean can be programmed. There’s even a control that can stop the machine working if the “deep cleaning process” has not been executed.

Now available with the innovative Air Touch contactless drinks selection. Click here for further details

Key Features:

  • Fresh Milk system combines air, steam and milk to produce a variety of consistencies
  • The dual boiler system provides the machine with an incredible capacity
  • Selections on Vitro machines are made by a simple touch
  • RGB lighting allows the machine to be personalised to fit its environment, whilst grabbing attention
  • Adjustable nose allows the user to accommodate the nose of the machine to the used cup size
  • Vitro M can operate with both granulated and fresh milk. This great feature guarantees 24/7 operation