The latest vending innovation, choose multiple products selections by simply using the modern touch screen shopping cart system and pay all in one transaction. Drive consumer sales with visual promotions and brand advertisements. Intuitive shopping cart retail technology makes it easy to buy more than one product in one transaction. Also offers the ability to offer multi-buy options as well as displaying product imagery, calorie content and much more. Flexibility for multiple language settings and brand advertising via the large display screen. A durable and hardworking machine, with the reliability that’s needed for locations tight on space with moderate demand. LED lighting illuminates the products in the machine making it clear and attractive to potential purchasers.The Merchant Media Touch 4 snack machine needn’t cost the earth either. 78% of the vending machine is recyclable at the end of its life. Low energy LED lighting and a multi-layer glass door reduces energy wastage.

Key Features:

  • Innovative touch screen shopping cart selection allowing for multiple purchases in one transaction
  • Dual temperature zones for snacks and drinks
  • Maximum of 376 products offering a wide selection for clients, staff and customers
  • SureVend™ guarantees the customer gets their product or their money back
  • Efficient design with A++ energy rating, LED lighting and 78% recyclable at end of life
  • Height: 1830mm Depth: 813mm Width: 890mm Weight: 247Kg Capacity: 258 – 376