Instant boiled and chilled water filter. Smart and safe the Billi Eco provides a convenient instant chilled and boiled water solution, perfect for numerous locations where space can but you need a neat integrated solution. Kitchens or counter tops where there is access to plumbed water sources are perfect. Why boil a kettle or get a dedicated water cooler when you can have a neat solution all in one. Superior water insulation and unique Eco-Intelligence™ ensures that the Billi Eco is a cost effective solution. Its self-learning timer allows the unit to stand-by at times traditionally there is no use and adapt seamlessly on demand. With 4 tap options from stainless steel to black and with manual and digital push button tap options its truly modern and convenient.

Key Features:

  • Chilled water temperature adjustment from 6 – 15 degrees
  • Splash free instant boiling water dispensing with electronic flow management
  • Eco-Intelligence™ self learning timer allowing the unit to only operate when required
  • Patented heat exchange system delivers substantial energy savings
  • Small under counter unit footprint requiring no additional ventilation