Gaggia La Radiosa Coffee Machine

Eye-catching design, centred on its door with the stunning 10” HD capacitive display, giving superb freedom over the selection choice of drinks. 12 drinks selections per page programmed to suit your choice of bean to cup coffee, instant drinks including hot chocolate and optional fresh milk which can be served cold or warmed and frothed for your favourite latte or cappuccino.

Surrounded by LED lighting you’re able to personalise the machines illumination to suit your location along with personalisation to the display screen for company logos and a wide range of display features..

Compact dimensions means the Gaggia La Radiosa offers great flexibility whatever your location with the ability to specify one or two bean hoppers, with one or two soluble powder containers. Entirely dependent on the number of drinks you think you’ll need the machine to perform day to day.


La Radiosa benefits from the latest Gaggia Milano EvoMilk technology, allowig users to set-up various measures, temperatures and densities of fresh milk, but also to drink hot and cold perfectly foamed milk.

Intuitive to use, extremely appealing to the eye and easy to maintain. At the end day when the final drinks served, there’s no need to worry about a complicated cleaning process. In built Plug-and-play automatic cleaning cycle systems are there to make living with the Gaggia La Radiosa easy.

La Radiosa Technical Features:

  • 10” full HD touchscreen with up to 12 selections per single page
  • Fully customisable user interface (drink icons, you business logo and background colour)
  • Self service or Barista configurable User Interface
  • Integrated LEDs lighting with up to 256 colour combinations
  • EvoMilk technology: ability for hot and cold foamed milk and innovative milk system cleaning
  • Flow control system for coffee and instant drinks preparation
  • Independent hot water outlet
  • Hot water bypass for Americano coffee drinks
  • Optional ambient water bypass for iced drinks
  • Adjustable nozzle head from 75 mm/2.95 in to 170 mm/6.7 in
  • Energy saving: soft and deep mode
  • Eva-dts file for statistics
  • USB port and telematics
  • Embedded Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity –
  • Optional 3G connectivity
  • Optional ambient water bypass for iced drinks


  • 5 Lt/1.10 UK gal capacity glass front fridge + cup warmer on the top
  • 5 Lt/1.10 UK gal capacity glass front fridge
  • Side module for payment systems
  • Kit to discharge coffee waste cakes under the table
  • Plumbed water kit