The Esprecious is a comprehensive yet compact espresso machine of an excellent class with a conveniently arranged touch screen. You can simply set the desired variety and strength Besides, because of its beautiful looks with the adjustable LED-lights around the display, the Esprecious fits in with any interior and with any house style. Discover the barista in you! Make a perfect espresso or choose from one of the other coffee specialities. With the Esprecious you can prepare hot drinks of an exceptional class in a professional way based on freshly ground beans. Espresso like only the barista can make. A powerful performance is demanded from an espresso machine during the preparation. Therefore, only the best, strongest and most durable materials are used for the Esprecious.

Key Features:

  • Conveniently arranged touch screen
  • Ceramic grinding disc
  • Eco mode: intelligent energy-saving mode
  • Outlet adjustable in height
  • Individual setting options
  • Height: TBAmm Depth: TBAmm Width: TBAmm Weight: TBAKg Capacity: TBA