Coffetek Neo Q

The All-in-One coffee machine and water fountain that serves up a superb range of hot drinks including exquisite espresso coffee as well as fresh filter water with the choice of using your own cup, mug or bottle. This superb new machine encourages the user to use their own cup or bottle rather than that of a disposable dispenced cup, helping to cut down on unecessary waste from disposable products whether they can be recycled or not.

Aesthetically pleasing and suitable for a wide range of locations the Neo Q is intuitively designed with a large touch screen making the product selection easily seen and selected with a wide range of drinks potentially available inculding fresh tea, the finest bean to cup coffee’s from freshly ground beans as well as favourites such as hot chocolate and of course teh neat filtered water availability.

Personalisation of the Coffetek Neo Touch vending machine needn’t stop there, with attractive LED features as well as the multimedia screen, perfect for your company promotion, advertising or engaging multimedia graphics. When choosing your specifications for the machine you can choose from a range of exterior colours or personal specifications to help the machine fit with the aesthetic of your location or create an attractive focal point driving interaction, and dependent on your location, profitability if you’re charging for beverages served from this automatic machine.

The ability to use your own cup with the I-Detect system or have a cup dispensed via the internal system. Drinks are presented via the clear and easy to navigate drinks menu with options to personalise you beverage of choice as you see fit. As well as having the facility for using your own bottle with the dispensed filtered water. The Neo Q offers a two in one solution with no need for you to have a seperate water cooler and coffee machine.

Can be programmed for multiple language options and a multiple options on payments systems including contactless.


Coffetek Neo Q Key Features:

  • Intuitive and interactive touch screen beverage selection icons
  • Available with bean to cup coffee and fresh brew tea
  • Water & Coffee – Two machines in one
  • Optional 21.” display screen
  • Number of drink personalisation selections 100+
  • Personalise the machine with the LED backlit graphic system
  • Cup dispenser unit as well as own cup I-Detect and jug/bottle fill facility
  • Energy saving modes
  • Dimensions: Height: 1830mm Depth: 750mm Width: 695mm Weight: 179-185Kg Capacity: 700-1500 Cups