Designed specifically for hotel, restaurant, catering and office applications, the Vitro self-service desktop vending machine offers the robust performance required for consistent operation in these demanding environments along with stylish modern looks. The Vitro is a compact tabletop coffee machine delivering a complete range of high quality, continental-style coffee and tea drinks that meet all the needs of today’s discerning customers. All beverages are simply selected via an ultra-modern touch sensitive menu selection method and dispensed to your choice of cup below. Great quality every vend with the choice of bean to cup coffee, instant coffee, fresh brew tea and hot chocolate combinations.

Now available with the innovative Air Touch contactless drinks selection. Click here for further details

Key Features:

  • Easy to fill and maintain – single piece mixing systems on all machines make maintenance and cleaning straightforward.
  • Easy to use – patented In-Touch user interface with large drink button icons for all drink options
  • Finished in smoked glass with chrome finish trim
  • Stand-alone operation – reservoir option available for unplumbed operation.
  • ‘Go Large’ button offers a 12oz drink option
  • Height: 670mm – 870mm Depth: 450mm – 590mm Width: 320mm – 480mm Weight: 32kg – 45Kg