The newest coffee vending machine in the Franke range. Offering a premium class amongst coffee machines the FoamMaster™ it has the looks and offers superb coffee selections with the ultimate in fresh milk mixing and dispensing. Superbly stylish, this premium coffee machine features a large touch sensitive display screen with a wide range of clearly displayed and enticing beverage choices. Perfect for clients or customers choosing their own beverages. The FoamMaster™ system offers ‘barista’ quality foamed milk at the touch of a button. Differing consistencies, temperatures and much more is possible ensuring that every beverage is the perfect product each time. If it wasn’t enough that you’d get a great beverage but there is a virtually limitless number of variations possible to tailor that beverage. Adding on the optional ‘Flavour Station’ allows for additional dimensions to your coffee or milk choices with a range of syrup’s that can be infused in to your drink choice.

Key Features:

  • Stylish superb quality jet black high gloss finish
  • FoamMaster™ ‘barista’ style foamed milk preparation with variations on volume and temperature
  • Intuitive touch screen with virtually limitless beverage selections
  • Options for personalisation of the display screen dependent on location and required imagery
  • Easily maintained with simple and intuitive cleaning methods and instructions
  • Dimensions: Height: 711mm Depth: 582mm Width: 300 – 800mm Weight: TBCKg Capacity: 115 – 162 cup/hour