Necta Orchestra Touch Snack & Food Vending Machine

With its highly attractive black anodised exterior and clear LED illuminated display area the Necta Orchestra Touch snack and food vending machine is potentially perfect for your location. Featuring the latest in touch screen technology, products are intuitively chosen either by number or category. The 4.3″ display screen with its 16 million colours offers a superb opportunity to display nutritional information, product slide show, corporate branding or even advertising opportunities.

The innovative display area uses transparent, modular and reconfigurable VisioShop trays giving the opportunity to display products clearly and attractively as possible to promote purchasing. The LED lit frame and trays are attractive but not distracting in whatever location you choose to position this snack and food vending machine. However it isn’t just food and drinks that can be displayed. The VisioShop trays can be configured for larger products or non conventional packaging making it idea for vending of PPE or other essentials specific to your environment or location.

Orchestra Touch Snack & Food Vending Machine Features:

  • Attractive black anodized aluminium cabinet
  • Intuitive touch screen selection with product type and multi-buy options
  • 4.3″ wide graphic display screen with 16 million colours idea for:
    • Product nutritional information
    • Promotional slide shows of products
    • Corporate branding or advertising
  • Framed, LED lit product presentation trays
  • Presentation trays are transparent for best product visibility
  • Up to 7 product display draws for a wide range of products
  • Display draws can be configured for conventional and non conventional packaging sizes:
    • Cold drinks
    • Snacks and crisps
    • Food products such as salads or ready to go food
    • Non foods such as PPE
  • Energy efficient design with superb insulation
  • Dimensions: Height 1830mm; Width 900mm; Depth 790mm; 300kg