Care Vending, Hertfordshires leading vending solutions provider. With over 40 years of experience in the vending industry we have a proud reputation for providing quality and reliable vending products and services. Utilising the latest vending technologies we can provide our enviable client base with high quality hot drinks, snack and food choices whatever the location.

Contactless, Distance Selection and SafeTouch Vending Solutions

Contactless, Distance Selection & SafeTouch Vending Solutions – A range of the latest vending solutions to minimise the risk with touching surface or even select the drink or snack of your choice with distance selection. From apps you control with your own mobile device, hand motion activation to antimicrobial film surfaces. There’s a vending solution that suits virtually every environment.

Air Touch Distance Selection – Air Touch is just a small step in helping to change the way we interact with vending machines and can be an indispensable step in reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19. Air Touch technology means a user can select the product they want from a distance of up to 2cm from the surface of the selection panel.

Food vending machine

Food Vending Machines – provide flexible meal solutions to locations that need 24/7 catering or a wider selection of fresh and health foods than that of a conventional snack vending machine. With the ability to offer up everything from fresh sandwiches and baguettes, yoghurts, fruit and even plated meals, there’s variety available, offering healthy meal choices aat the touch of a button.


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Care Vending Services Ltd a Carbon N

In the UK, businesses account for over 85% of total GHG emissions – making corporate action the number one priority in helping stop climate change.

Looking to do our part for the environment, Care Vending Services Ltd have engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain and as of December 2021, have put initiatives in place to offset the total carbon footprint and become certified as a Carbon Neutral Business by Carbon Neutral Britain.  Read more…